Enthrone Him

Introduction and background

The “Enthrone Him” weekend seminar is intended to be a follow-up to the “Free2bme” seminar. You have to have done “Free2bme” to be able to benefit from this seminar. In “Free2bme” we focus on discovering our primary redemptive gift and address the battlefield, however, our spirits have all the redemptive gifts. In “Enthrone Him” we make the shift from soul to spirit. This seminar deals with seven foundational lies the enemy brings against the design of our primary redemptive gifts. However, since we have all the gifts in our spirits, we find that we can believe any number of lies, with the result that any of the curses it brings can be evident in our lives regardless of what our primary gift is. If we believe these lies long enough we will act on it and eventually it will become a curse that will live on in generations to come, unless we allow the truth of God to expose them. In the book of Judges we read how Israel allowed these lies into their lives, eventually resulting in seven enemies oppressing them in very specific ways. This oppression resulted in various areas of their lives being devoured by the enemy, e.g. relationships and finances. The principles of these lies, curses and devouring are as relevant to our lives today as it was in the lives of Israel. However, we have the added benefit that we can look back, learn from it and know that Christ came to set us free of both the lie and the curse. Although we deal with the lies and the curses, the main focus of the weekend is to learn to enthrone Father in our lives through seven praise words, that link to the redemptive gifts in very surprising ways.

Here is a programme of the weekend. Hope to see you there!

Weekend programme: ‘Free 2 enthrone Him’

Friday evening

07h00Introduction – Giants in the promised land
08h00Practical: Corporate renunciation and enthrone Him
09h00Let’s call it a day


08h30The Prophet: Finding answers to the problems I face
10h00Practical: Corporate renunciation and ‘Towdah’ to enthrone Him
10h45Take a Break
11h00The Servant: Borders that breathe
12h15Practical: Corporate renunciation and ‘Yadah’ to enthrone Him

13h00Lunch Break
13h45The Teacher: Sowing God’s revelation of truth
15h00Practical: Corporate renunciation and ‘Halal’ to enthrone Him
15h45Take a Break
16h00Exhorter: Drawing legitimacy from God alone
17h15Practical: Corporate renunciation and ‘Shabach’ to enthrone Him

18h00Dining together
19h00Giver: Giving to empower birthright
20h15Corporate renunciation and ‘Barak’ to enthrone Him
21h30Let’s call it a day


09h00The Ruler: Legitimacy without institution
10h15Practical: Corporate renunciation and ‘Zamar’ to enthrone Him
11h30The Mercy: Receiving what God has already given
12h45Practical: Corporate renunciation and ‘Tehillah’ to enthrone Him
14h00“Go be Dangerous!”