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Welcome to our new website!

Our new address:  

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During the past year I have learnt so much about online teaching and online tools and I just realized that free2celebrate had to keep up with these major changes in the online world.  The old tools that served us well in the past almost ten years were just not doing the job properly anymore.  In less than three weeks last year I had to learn to lecture online and use online platforms I had up until then not even heard of.  I had to learn to pull tricks out of my existing electronic equipment that I never knew it was capable of.  Here we are a year later and free2celerate morphed with the times fairly successfully I think, although we are constantly in transformation.  It is a job that will not be completed here on earth.

As part of this process, we explored the possibilities of setting up a website for the ministry and here we are!  Ready to launch today!

I would like to extend a special thank you to Jackie Savaria-Heyns and Lindi Veer of “In A Wink Web Design  for their excellent service in designing and making this website do what I had in mind.  They also managed to train me to update the site and have put up very patiently with all my questions about what and how to get it done.  They are an excellent team that I wholeheartedly recommend !  Thank you so much for your efforts, I really appreciate everything that went into this project.

I also want to extend a special thank you to all the free2celebrate family who have supported this vision over the past ten years.  There are several of you who have supported us in so many ways – with prayer, advice, mentoring, sponsorships, equipment, shared knowledge and experience, editing, financial contributions, word-of-mouth-advertising, encouraging words and scriptures, precious friendships that were formed in near and far places, and in many, many other ways, too many to name it all here.  I am truly thankful and immensely grateful for each one of you God brought alongside this ministry.  To me this is the fulfillment of a promise God gave me in the early years of free2celebrate when I, in my experience, heard Him promise me that He Himself will bring people alongside me to support the vision He has birthed in my heart.  I look back on ten years and see the fulfillment thereof every step of the way, and abundantly in each one of you.

If you have not read my article on Extravagant Worship, I do want to encourage you to read it.  When I started working on the website, my sense was that I would want the website to be part of this extravagant worship of my King.    In doing so I needed all three elements of worship, namely  display, sound and movement, to be represented somehow, thus the website had to be able to display beauty   and have movement and sound.  I believe and hope that we were able to incorporate all of this to allow the website to not just be a mere source of information, but also to allow it to form part of our extravagant celebration of our Sovereign Father God, King Jesus Christ, and our Companion the Holy Spirit.

For He inhabits, dwells in and is enthroned in the praises of His people!  Ps 22:3

I therefore invite you to come celebrate Him with us – there is amongst others a gallery page with photos of past ventures and a worship page where we will post a song every now and then for exactly this purpose!  Hope you enjoy all of this with us.

To YHVH we bring all the glory, honour and praise for:

  • the life we have in Him – personally and as a ministry.
  • every victory – the small ones, and the big ones of the past ten years.

We dedicate all the years to come to Him alone.

In Him we live and move and have our being – forevermore,

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

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