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Wake up your spirit

A journey through the Lord’s Supper

The Bible describes a condition of our spirits called a spiritual sleep.  (See Rom 13:11, Mark 13:36, Is 56:10, 1 Thess 5:4-6, and Eph 4:15).  The Lord’s Supper really contained 4 cups of wine and bread each with a specific prophetic meaning.  Recently Father linked the meaning of these 4 cups for us to a prayer that indicates the process of wakening up our spirits out of this spiritual sleep.  Only because Christ died for us and was risen from death into life can we rise out of our spiritual death and sleep – we rise with Him.  What better way to declare this than through the covenant meal?  The covenant meal prophetically declares our unity with Christ and with each other.

In addition to that our understanding of the way a marriage agreement was formed in Bible times is that the 2 fathers, the father of the Bride and the father of the Bridegroom drew up a contract that included the agreement regarding the dowry.  When they agreed on the terms both would then drink a glass of wine to show their agreement.  Then the Bridegroom had the choice to agree to the terms of the agreement.  If he agreed he would drink his glass of wine and lastly the Bride had a chance to indicate her agreement to the marriage proposal including the dowry to be paid.  If she agreed, she took her glass and drank her glass of wine as a sign of her agreement.  When Jesus prayed in Gethsemane “Father if at all possible let this cup pass me by” he was probably struggling to say “yes” – to agree to the dowry.  What was the dowry He had to pay?  His life, His body and His blood on the cross.  That was the dowry He was going to have to pay – it was the price of buying His Bride back from the kingdom of darkness.  He could have said no.  He could have said the dowry is just too much, but He didn’t.  Minutes later He submitted His will to the will of his father.  He agreed to pay the dowry for the prize that was set before him – a perfected, spotless, redeemed Bride (Heb. 12). In Luke 22 when He instituted the covenant meal He said “Eat drink this in remembrance of Me … as often as possible..”   So when we take communion let us do it in remembrance of the price He had to pay to bring us into covenant with him!

The names of the 4 cups are as follows:

  • Salvation
  • Deliverance
  • Redemption
  • Acceptance

The cup of salvation

Father as I take the first cup of communion this morning I thank you for my salvation.  I confess and repent that I am a sinner and that I need your blood to redeem me and my gifts from the kingdom of darkness.  I declare that this cup and this bread is the sign of your blood covenant with me (Luke 22) and that my sin is fully redeemed in your sacrifice on the cross.

The cup of deliverance

Father as I take the second cup of communion I thank you for delivering me from the evil one who tried to hijack me with my gifting for his purposes.

Father I confess and repent that I denied, rejected, judged diminished and………  the design of your  ……. gift in my spirit.

I forgive ….. (others? Myself?) for the death that has been spoken into this gift.  I accept and receive your forgiveness and I forgive and release those who sinned against me.

I close the door of fear, bitterness, self-righteousness, independence, fear of people, rejection and…….

 I thank you for making me free to be who you designed and created me to be.

The cup of redemption

Father, as I take the third cup of communion I thank you for your process of redemption.  Thank you for journeying with me through my life, coming alongside me to lead and guide me as I grow into overcoming the trials, tribulations and the challenges of my battlefield on a daily basis.

Thank you for the treasure of your Spirit and the gifts you have put inside of me that I still need to discover and unpack.

I open the door to your Holy Spirit to take his rightful place in my spirit, I give my spirit permission to be the leader in the team between my spirit, soul and body, however to always be in submission to the Holy Spirit.

Spirit I give you permission to grow and reach your full potential in Christ and to fulfill your birthright as given to you by the Father, Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Father I submit to your redemption process in my spirit.

The cup of acceptance

Father as I take the last cup of communion I thank you for adopting me into your family and accepting me back as your son not as a slave.

I declare that I now accept myself and others as precious treasures with the light of your character inside of us.

I accept your permission to be who you designed me to be and to live within your amazing design and character within me.

I accept your plan, purpose and calling for me well knowing that you who started a good work in me will fulfill and complete it.

Wake up your spirit

Speak to your spirit while you declare the following scripture:

“Arise you who sleep

Arise from the dead

And Christ will give you light!”

Eph 5:14

While praying you can also listen to the song “Arise my Love” by Newsong – follow this link to listen  (just skip the advertisement – I have no control over the type of advertisement ‘you tube’ shows at the beginning of the song – it’s a different ad every time you log on).
In conclusion

Father I pray that you will take me deeper into intimacy with you.

That I will be able to break down the kingdom of darkness and build the Kingdom of Light as and when and how you direct me.

I give you all the honour and glory and praise for your presence in my spirit and I accept and receive the fullness of who You are in my spirit.

For your Glory alone.


The way forward

Start speaking to your spirit.  Bless your spirit – validate and legitimise the design God has placed inside you!

© 2014 Author:  Gerda Venter